A Quick Fix for Self Care

by Alanna Whitney

I'm gonna be real for a minute: as an herbalist and medicine maker, I don't usually buy body products. I infuse my own delicious botanical oils and make my own creams and salves and that's usually all I need for moisturizing, wound care, and all the rest.

But sometimes it's about doing it all myself — and sometimes it just can't be. Sometimes it has to be about self-care: feeling pampered. Those of us called to helping work are often the worst at deliberately and tenderly caring for ourselves. Excuses feel easier than just doing the deed: valuing ourselves and nurturing US. It's far easier to nurture friends, family, clients, anyone but ME.


Scents are one of my favorite ways to infuse my life and work with a sense of decadence — a mediocre day is easily transformed by the scent of blossoms and spring (hello lilacs!). A well-tuned scent is also one of the easiest (and fastest) ways to ground out nervous, frayed energy (hello spring!).

Most of the time I'm not able to do that for myself, which is why I love having access to other herbalists' products and genius at HAALo. We just (like just. Like yesterday) introduced a new line of oils and facial products that I am already swooning over.


Earthbody Sacred Skincare are my new favorite (and maybe the new favorite of others at the shoppe, too). Each oil is masterfully and individually crafted and includes a blend of infused oils and essential oils that support physical, spiritual, and emotional well being. For example, Inspire is a happy making and mood elevating oil with a delicate blend sunflower seed oil and apricot oil infused with herbs (passionflower, holy basil, linden, and chamomile) that is then layered with beautiful essential oils (tangerine, jasmine, vanilla, and patchouli). Ground, on the other hand, is rootier and calmer, and uses a blend of carrier oils that's more calming (almond, sesame, olive, pomegranate) with a virtual forest of scents (balsam, cedar wood, vetiver…).

They are quickly taking a spot in my self-care regimen. I'm really loving the Ground as a time.out from my day: slathered all over my neck and chest (and a little under my nose) to remind me of my connection to the earth, and to my breath.


So many of our HAALo lovies come in to get some relief from the day — for a cup of herbal tea, for a chat, and for the ambiance. Now you can come in for a mood reset, too.


Alanna Whitney is an herbalist and practitioner at HAALo. Please welcome her as the HAALo Herb Shoppe's new store manager!

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