Start drinking tea to prevent allergies

We have several variations of Allergy Tea in the shoppe. Our special blends can help ease symptoms, but it’s best to drink the tea regularly before your allergies hit. Start with a cup per day and build from there as needed. Our herb formulations help ease sniffles, open airways, and soothe dry sinuses and eyes…… [Read More]

Zee Sweetness of Zee Life

Hallo, everyone, it’s zee Madame Doktor Belladonna. It’s almost zee time of zee Love Days, and so we’d like to talk about zee sveetness of life… well, I don’t know, is it sweet? You tell me. Maybe… maybe it’s not. But maybe, you know, if my lover was listening and he knew zhat we had… [Read More]

Got Allergies? Try the Following!

REISHI (and more!) FOR ALLERGIES Written by Anna Werderitsch, L.Ac. Just less than two weeks ago the sky was tinged with a yellow mist that rode upon the wind, and the leaves, cars, and roads were dusted yellow. Some of you could hardly revel in the beauty of spring through swollen eyes, nor smell the glorious… [Read More]