How quitting sugar changed everything: on nourishment, hunger, and stress

by Alanna Whitney excerpted from her “Live Wild Wellness” blog Working to change the way we eat is hard, especially as women. Once you enter the realm of ‘dieting’ and ‘detoxing’ everything begins to feel like a slippery slope that leads right on down the self-sabotage-y rabbithole where happiness and satisfaction go to die.  That… [Read More]

New Functional Nutrition Consultation Format with Victoria LaFont

Hi HAALo friends, I have wonderful news that I’m excited to share with all of you! As of December 1st I launched a new way of running my practice in order to do more thorough, detailed work with my clients.  I will now be focusing on functional nutrition, specifically reading blood tests, but also offering… [Read More]

Sugar: practical perspectives

Whatever your thoughts on it may be, chances are that just by living in America you are consuming too much sugar. In summer we elevate ice cream as our go-to treat and splurge on iced mochas (until they become habit). As summer winds down, Halloween lurks at the edges ready to take us in its grasp…. [Read More]

Garlic: Gateway to Health

by Megan Blumenstein, Integrative Herbalist at HAALo Owner of Blüm & Brü Broths and Blüm Botanicals Behind the counter when recommending herbs to people at HAALo I often recommend the use of garlic for many ailments and health concerns. I LOVE garlic and find that it is very effective in the treatment of many issues. Throughout… [Read More]

Keep our Rivers Flowing: An Ayurvedic Approach to the Lymphatic System

by Monica Tomasi, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Herbalist The Yuba River has a good healthy flow to it lately; it is such a great place to visit after a long hot day to cool down. In Ayurveda, our lymphatic system is referred to as rasa dhatu, meaning “the river of life.” Our lymphatic system acts very… [Read More]

Feel vital, healthy and whole

Penelope Sullivan challenges the Western medicine paradigm of treating ailments and symptoms by looking at health from a holistic perspective that includes dietary and herbal considerations as well as lifestyle choices. Penelope shares her knowledge in several upcoming workshops at the HAALo herb shoppe. She has tuned in to some deeper needs of our culture… [Read More]