Advanced Herbal Medicine for the Practicing Herbalist – A Clinical Perspective

October 2, 2017 @ 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
HAALo Loft
$125 to $150

HAALo is pleased to bring renowned herbalist and instructor 7Song to Nevada City, CA for a weekend of herbal exploration, whimsical zombie apocalypse scenarios, street medicine, and an extra day of advanced herbalism training for community herbalists. With his vast experience of street medicine first-aid, materia medica, botany, body systems, and clinical herbalism, he brings forward a fresh, down-to-earth, yet scientific study of plant medicine.

Please join us for two days of intermediate to advanced herbal studies, with an extra day for those interested in his advanced class. We will be covering mental health, digestion, the nervous system, first-aid, street medicine, and (tongue in cheek) the zombie apocalypse - or community emergency herbal medicine. You may attend either Saturday or Sunday, or the entire weekend, and if you are a more advanced herbalist, you may be interested in the Monday class as well.

Advanced Herbal Medicine for the Practicing Herbalist: A Clinical Perspective ~ with 7Song

Monday's class is for Intermediate to Advanced herbalists looking to deepen their understanding of herbalism from a clinical perspective. This class will be taught at a high Intermediate to Advanced level and will cover such topics as treating chronic illness, the male reproductive system, and 16 useful plants and formulas.

16 Useful Plants and Formulas for the Practicing Herbalist: This portion of the class covers some practical, clinically useful plants and formulas for a range of ailments.

An Herbalist's View of the Male Reproductive System: This class focuses on the organs, hormones, and functions of the male reproductive system. Along with common disorders, there will be a focus on problems that affect the prostate such as BPH and prostatitis. We will discuss various treatment strategies and herbal approaches for these disorders.

Treating Chronic Illness with Herbal Medicine: Useful Plants and Formulas for the Practicing HerbalistThe goal of this class is to help practicing herbalists and advanced herbal students gain practical skills working with people with chronic health care issues. We will cover a number of medicinal plants, therapeutic categories, and ways of putting together formulas for individuals. This includes using various preparations such as teas, tinctures, and external applications, as well considerations such as dosage and patient compliance.


If you would like to attend Saturday and Sunday's classes, please visit the link below for more info:

About 7Song

7Song is a clinical herbalist, teacher, botanist and naturalist. He is the director and main instructor of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in Ithaca, NY. He is also the director of holistic medicine and a practicing herbalist at the Ithaca Free Clinic, an integrative clinic providing free herbal medicine and other health modalities to the wider community.

7Song has been involved in herbal first aid for many years. He has worked as a street medic and herbalist in a variety of clinics and first aid stations. He has helped run the first aid station at the Rainbow Gathering for over 20 years, which is an off-the-grid first aid station that sees up to 150 people a day with a wide range of health conditions.

One of his goals in teaching is showing how herbal medicine offers useful primary and adjunct treatments in first aid situations, especially working alongside a diversity of health care practitioners. He also endeavors to make herbal medicine accessible and affordable and reaching people who may know little about it.

One of his herbal medicine passions is traveling, gathering and preparing the herbal medicines that he uses in his practice. He also teaches at a number of herb schools and conferences in the US and abroad. Look for him in various habitats taking photographs of things that run, crawl, fly or photosynthesize.

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