Faeries: Fanciful and Real ~ With Matthew Wood & Sean Donahue

April 1, 2017 @ 10:00 am – April 2, 2017 @ 5:30 am
HAALo Loft
408 Broad Street
Suite 15
Nevada City
530 265 8804

On April first and second we will study faeries with Matthew Wood and Sean Donahue, two of the most alternative herbalists on the continent. Bring your microscopes! Wear your best faery finery. Are they fanciful? Yes, because people like to fantasize about them. Are they real? Yes, because they exist no matter what people are thinking or fantasizing. Who are they? Faeries are frequently associated with nature spirits that watch over and tend plant life in wild forests and fields. They have a special relationship with the Goddess, who oversees the Green World, but they also have a relationship with the unmanifested energy of creation in the spirit world, also associated with the Goddess, so they are knowledgeable about magic and destiny. In this aspect, they are more serious and powerful and the old myths and legends that warn us about them are to be heeded. Are they helpful? Sometimes. Some kinds are more helpful than others and some are rather on the unsafe side. Which ones? Faeries, in general, have been associated with medicine and herbalism. We will discuss the herbs, smudges, and smokes that the faeries like, or have taught us about, or that are traditionally associated with them.

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