Gifts for New Moms


She just brought the most precious gift into the world, so what do you give her? For new moms we suggest many self care items so she can feel pampered and cared for from the inside out. Read on for specific gift ideas and for a tip of what not to give a new mom.*


  • Nursing Tea by Herb Lore
  • The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care
  • Quan Yin Mother Herb Pack by Blüm & Brü Broths
  • Goodnite Lite Combo Tincture by Herb Lore
  • Healing Salve by Herb Lore
  • Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom Cards
  • Five Flower Formula (Rescue Remedy) by FES
  • Hibiscus Yoni Oil by Sunlight Botanicals
  • Bee Nutritive by Harvesting Vitality
  • Healing Flowers Salve by Sunlight Botanicals
  • After Pain Tincture by Herb Lore
  • Nursing Tincture by Herb Lore
  • Anti-Hemorrhaging Tincture by Herb Lore
  • Mugwort Moon Magic Oil by FES
  • Quince Flower Essence by FES
  • Yellow Star Tulip Flower Essence by FES
  • Goddess Knowledge Cards

We have the full line of Herb Lore pregnancy and post-pregnancy herb formulations, Blüm & Brü Broths herb mixes, and the full line of FES Flower Essences.

*New moms need lots of rest, richly nourishing foods, and plenty of bonding time with baby. We do not recommend any aromatherapy items for new moms and babies, or dads and siblings for that matter. A very important part of the early bonding process comes from the sense of smell. Moms' and babies' bodies are geared toward not only feeling each other physically, but also smelling each other. Smelling the new baby stimulates mom’s body to produce milk and heal itself, and connects the baby to its parents. While aromatherapy can be a nice way to promote health for mom and baby later on, we suggest avoiding it initially.

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