Love your lips!

by Ginger Lazarus

As the winter season comes, there is one indispensable item that gets much more attention: Lip Balm.

At HAALo there are many lip balms to choose from, all locally made, and wonderful in their own ways. All of our lip balms include beeswax and essential oils, but what is really interesting is the difference in texture based on the types of oils, butters, and fats used.



With two newer additions to the shoppe we wanted to share our feelings about them all, and we won’t even say stocking stuffers anything about the suddenly-close holidays.

Plant Medicine’s Vanilla Honey Lip Balm: This lip balm actually smells of Citrus more than the Vanilla, though both are present. Of all of HAALo’s lip balms this one is the silkiest. It glides on beautifully from the tube, immediately lending its moisture to parched lips. It also has the most ingredients, including several herbs, which are grown organically in the maker, Kim Kinjo’s garden, and honey and wax from her own bees. This lip balm is all oils with beeswax and can absorb a little more quickly into the skin.


Remedy Garden: This line of lip balms come in several wonderful scented flavors, each with its own thoughtful formulation of butters and oils, making each of them feel very unique on the lips. The varieties include, Orange Shea which has a base of shea butter for a little heavier feeling on the lips, Lemon Custard which is oil based for a lighter lip balm, Herbal Healing which has a pleasing and light floral scent with shea butter and oils including the super skin healing rosehip seed oil for winter or sun damage, and lastly, the winter favorite, Peppermint Cocoa, using a cocoa butter base with peppermint essential oil which makes us long for the snow and nights by the fire.

Elka Herbals’ Let it BEE Balm: Labeled for use on the lips and the cuticles this balm is the heaviest of the bunch, presumably from the quantity of beeswax used, and additionally having shea butter AND cocoa butter as well as coconut oil. Let it BEE Balm is also recommended for minor cracks and cuts—your cuticles will love you for this.


This balm stands up to heat a little better than the other lip balms in tubes. It also coats the lips pretty heavily so they feel protected, but may warrant a redo application (wipe off any residue, then reapply the lip balm).

Madame Doktor Belladonna’s Old-Timey, Not Too Classy Lip Balm: This lip balm comes in 4 scents, and is the most unusual in our group due to its main ingredient: Lard.

Its creator imagines a post, peak-oil world where exotic ingredients like shea butter (from Africa) would not be available or at least affordable. Her balm is based on turn-of-the-century recipes in which animal fats in cosmetics and perfumes was common. (See enfleurage).


Old-Timey lip balms come in small metal slide tins, rather than plastic tubes, though they have the same volume (.33 oz). It is very smooth in texture, sinks in, and stays with your lips longer than some of the other balms. It also stands up to heat the best of the bunch. Flavors include: Jasmine Honey, Lavender Cocoa, Ginger Cardamom, and the very special reserve White Ginger Lily.

HAALo-lipbalmFor those who like a strongly scented lip balm, we recommend:

  • Plant Medicine Vanilla/Honey Lip Balm
  • Remedy Garden Peppermint Cocoa
  • Old-Timey, Not Too Classy Ginger Cardamom

For those who prefer a mild scented lip balm, we recommend:

  • Remedy Garden Herbal Healing
  • Remedy Garden Herbal Lemon Custard
  • Old-Timey, Not Too Classy Jasmine Honey
  • Old-Timey, Not Too Classy White Ginger Lily

Somewhere in the middle you will find:

  • Remedy Garden Orange Shea
  • Elka Herbals Let it Bee Balm
  • Old-Timey, Not Too Classy Lavender Cocoa


Ginger-Lazarus-madame-doktor-belladonnaGinger Lazarus is a former professional and award winning belly dancer, burlesque showgirl, and currently is pursuing her love of singing, as well as MCing for various events, and speaking in HAALo’s podcast as Madame Doktor Belladonna. Ginger loves to cook, bake, and dabble in things like making cordials, jellies, and most recently salves and lip balm. Gingah is the Administrative Ninjah for HAALo.

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