Manly Gifts


Many people are stumped by the idea of "gifts for men," which is why we suggest thinking about things the man in your life enjoys. We have gift ideas for athletes, backyard barbeque-ers, and musicians. We've thrown in some manly self-care items as well... just because he has a tattoo doesn't mean he won't enjoy moisturizer.


  • Spirit Feathers for incense wafting
  • Cool Brew Shaving Soap by Frontier Angel Soap Company
  • Didgeridoos by Andjru--$65 and under!
  • Happy Belly Herbal Honey Elixir by Harvesting Vitality
  • Let’s Go Out Back Steak Rub by Huck’s Hollow Farms
  • Sensual Massage & Lotion Bar by Primal Well
  • Sunrise and Sunset Essential Oil Fragrance by Floracopeia
  • Trauma Team Salve by Sunlight Botanicals
  • Glass Om Necklace, made by Richard Fisher
  • Animal Spirits Cards
  • Primal Frame Builder by Blüm and Brü Broths
  • Palo Santo Incense Sticks
  • Tattoo Salvation (for tattoo healing and minor skin abrasions) by Madame Doctor Belladonna
  • Wild Game Rub by Huck’s Hollow Farms
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