3 Ways: Hawthorn

Hawthorn berry is great for promoting the health of the circulatory system, can steady your rhythm and strengthen the heart! If you are facing hardships in relationships and love keep Hawthorn close to support the transitions. Just getting familiar with Hawthorn? Stuck on how to use it? Here are 3 ways to bring Hawthorn berry into your life:

1. We love Hawthorn berry tinctures, this one is from Spirit Farmer Medicine and is organic and locally grown.

2. Start your day off and get going with a warm cup of Hawthorn berry tea. You can get a special tea blended for you in our shoppe!

3. Get some good vibrations from Hawthorn berry! You can take a few drops a day orally or put a few drops in the bath to get connected with Hawthorn.

Visit HAALo Shoppe and talk to our herbalists to discover more ways to bring Hawthorn berry home with you!

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