An Interview with Cassandra Crow

Earth Wisdom is a 9 month apprenticeship with medicine woman, Marza Millar. Students taking the course journey into indigenous earth medicine and vibrational healing. We sat down with local budding herbalist and owner of Electric Love Company, an online vintage shop, Cassandra, to ask her about her experience taking the Earth Wisdom apprenticeship.


Q: A bit about you…
A: I’ve been living in Nevada City, CA for about a year and a half now. I graduated from UCSC with a degree in Environmental Studies and decided to move up this way. I’ve always been intrigued by the plant world and all its magic. After studying the environment at UCSC, I was so hungry for an alternative to the textbook heavy education I received. I wanted more - I needed more. I craved a deeper spiritual connection to the plants like our ancestors once had and many cultures still practice today. Luckily, I found HAALo and started taking classes with a few of the educators that passed through. I’ve been lucky enough to support myself with my business, Electric Love Company, while pursuing herbalism.


Q: Why are you interested in herbalism?
A: From a very young age, I questioned the choices those around me made. It made perfect sense that a bad diet led to bad health, that pharmaceuticals only opened up doors to new ailments, and that prevention seemed to be the most powerful method of warding off disease. Once I started to immerse myself in the plant world, I really started to recognize the interconnectedness every living thing on this planet holds with one another. We’ve adapted and evolved for generations with plants that have saved our ancestors from disease - why would we shy away from that knowledge now? I have a strong belief that the earth is an organism and all of its flora and fauna are working in a complex system to support one another - so why can’t the plants offer that same support to me? To you? They can. I looked towards our ancestors and all their wisdom, the witches and wortcunners persecuted before us, the shamans, and the healers of today. The plants do support us. They have great wisdom to offer us, all we have to do is open our heart and find our path.


Q: What inspired you to take Marza’s class? What was your experience?
A: I was inspired to take Marza’s class because I have a great interest in Native American tradition and plant wisdom. Growing up in California, I felt a calling to learn about the Native peoples of the land I call home. After pursuing years of textbook education, I really craved something deeper than the scientific hum-drum I’d been engaging in. When I heard about Marza Millar’s class, I knew it was an answer to that question. As a Yavapai-Hopi medicine woman, Marza led the class on a 9 month intensive into indigenous earth wisdom. My experience was life changing - really. My fellow peers became family as we opened our hearts and dove into the depths of our studies. We covered everything from the Native American medicine wheel to flower essences - the class was incredibly comprehensive and fun! Every class was structured around intuition, incredibly unique and hands on.


Q: Was there a particular moment from the apprenticeship that will stay with you for a long time?
A: My favorite moment was harvesting the essence of the Bristlecone Pine as snow slowly painted the landscape. It was an absolutely incredible moment. We took a field trip to the Bristlecone Pine National Forest down the 395. We stopped at Obsidian Dome, Mono Lake and finally the Bristlecone Pines. These ancient pines are the oldest living organisms on the planet. They are keepers of deep ancestral knowledge and absolutely breathtaking trees! We camped out together and shared a communal meal. Marza shared Native prophecies around the fire as the sun set over the mountains. It was an absolutely incredible weekend of class!


Q: How do you plan to further your herbalism education?
I plan on furthering my herbalism education by taking Matthew Wood’s 5 month apprenticeship on Herbal Energetics. I am so excited to learn from another incredible educator and author. Learning under Marza Millar was an experience no one can ever take away from me. I hold that wisdom within myself and I look forward to deepening that journey with Matthew Wood. We are so blessed that these herbalists are coming to share their gifts with us here in Nevada City. It’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I highly encourage you to take the leap if you're considering it. You won’t be disappointed. HAALo really does do its best to offer accessible course offerings to everyone, so if you’re conceded about funds - check out their payment plans. Give yourself the gift of experience. Blessings.

To learn more about Cassandra, check out her shop site Electric Love Company

We encourage you to check out the full class description here, Earth Wisdom I. To learn more about Marza Millar we suggest reserving a spot at our free event, An Evening with Marza Millar. During this event you will be able to meet Marza and ask questions as well as meet other local herbalists looking to further their education. Interested in joining Cassandra for Matthew Wood's 5 month apprenticeship? Check out the full class description here, Herbal Energetics. To learn more about Matthew Wood we also suggest reserving your spot at our free event, An Evening with Matthew Wood. We hope to see you there!




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