Introducing: Love Potion from Violette’s Whiskers Elixirs

We're happy to be carrying Love Potion from Violette's Whiskers Elixirs this Valentines Day. To learn a little more about the product we asked the creator, Summer, to tell us a little more about this potion.


Hello! My name is Summer. I am of Sami and Norwegian descent from a long lineage of healers and herbalists. I am the proud owner of Violette's Whiskers Elixirs, named after my beloved familiar and dear hearted kitty companion, Violette, with whom I've been with since her birth in Thailand where I was teaching and learning Thai plant medicine. Grown and raised in the Sierra Foothills of Nevada City, California I have traveled and lived throughout this magical planet learning from teachers as far away as the Kalahari in Africa, Siberia, Korea, Thailand, one year of Balinese Jamu study in Bali, Indonesia and beyond! My teacher and mentor herbalist, Brigitte Mars, particularly inspired my path of crafting love philters. I am a child of these forests and revere them with my whole being! In these lands the wildness contained therein I spoke with my ancestors and the spirits of nature. I promised that I would never forget that nature is my heart and with this heart I bring you "Elske Means Love" after the Norwegian word for love.


Made from the highest quality organic ingredients including, Hawthorne and Balinese cacao, which I harvested myself, and distinct notes of Madagascar and Balinese vanilla, pure absolute oil of rose and my own gem and flower essences. Not only does this taste like a candy colored dream, but this potion has been carefully crafted using plant and gem energetics to encourage the opening of the heart and spirit to love.


My motto is "Love is for everyone!"

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