A Thank You to Juliet.

Juliet-BlankespoorOver the weekend we were blessed to have Juliet Blankespoor travel up to our community so we could have an opportunity to learn about The Female Reproductive Herbs and The Ecology of Estrogen. We cannot express our gratitude enough. Juliet, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here is what our community had to say about their time learning from you.

"Juliet is a very engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would highly recommend it."

"Juliet is wonderful, brilliant, funny and a great teacher, I am so happy I came!"

"She really knows her stuff!"

"Juliet is an incredibly knowledgeable and clinically experienced practitioner and is entertaining as a teacher. I would highly recommend learning from her at whatever herbal level you are at. She is approachable and interesting. She is a gem!"

We hope your travels bring you back here in the future.



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