An Herbalist’s Dream Cabinet

This Herbal Medicine Making Cabinet was made by local woodworker, Gene. He has made this cabinet out of local cedar with touches of historic wood.


On the southeast corner of Pine and Commercial streets in Nevada City, California stood a building that burned in 2002. It housed Friar Tuck's Restaurants for many years. Upstairs was another local institution, the Elks Club, which featured a large room with an old growth redwood valance circling the room.

The front of this drawer and upper crown of this herbal medicine cabinet were made from some of the redwood that was saved. 

In the mid 1800"s, the first ancient redwoods that were cut along the banks of the Big River, in Mendocino County, were floated down river, and became mired in mud at the mouth of the river. Subsequent logs rammed them deeper. In the 1990"s, those logs were salvaged and milled.

The rail just above the work counter is from some of that ancient redwood.


Using fabric for the "doors" is another effort to keep the cabinet soft and approachable with a bit of privacy and curiosity.

The interior has generous shelves below for storage and menstruum. Behind the redwood front, the drawer holds 4oz dropper bottles and pint mason jars on concealed glides. There is a work shelf at counter height. Above is an area that can be adapted to personal desires. There are several shelves, some of them movable, for your immediate needs, jewels or amulets. There is a solid back for mounting a mirror, photos, formulas or mantras. This becomes your personalized space. Above the cabinet is a removable shelf, a crown, with space for some of the removable shelves, herb drying or decoration. Add your imagination.



Gene is asking $1250 for this cabinet, which would be the perfect solution for herbalists who don't have a lot of room and storage. It is being housed at a downtown Nevada City retail shop and can be conveniently picked up there.


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