The Art of Making Flower Essences

Instructor: Marza Millar
Dates:  Wednesday, September 21, Morning Session 9-11am, Evening Session 5:30-7:30pm
Cost: $35/GA, $30/HAALo Member
Location: HAALo Herb Shoppe, 412 Commercial Street, Nevada City
Limited Seating for 18, Pre-registration is strongly encouraged

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In this class, we will learn how to make flower essences, the vibrational echo to herbalism. Using tools from your very own kitchen, we will lightly review how the essences work and mainly focus on creating a harvest kit, choosing the right tools that are non-metallic, preparation of live life-force water, imprinting with prismatic light and sound resonance and finally, choosing the right flower.

Students will also learn the difference between Mother, Stock and Dosage bottles and proper labeling of each.

After completing this class, you should confidently be able to make your own flower essences from the bounty of nature around us.

If this class sounds interesting, you may enjoy pairing it with AT HOME: Creating a Flower Essence Apothecary for Winter Ailments and INTRO TO HOMEOPATHY.

Marza Millar's upbringing in earth-based medicine comes from her father’s people, the Wind Creek Yavapai. After receiving a formal education and working in allopathic medicine for two decades, Marza returned to her roots based in earth medicine.

Marza is one of the last Grandmother's of the Wind Creek Yavapai, Sedona Arizona. Her father's people hold the position of keeper of the Emergence Eternity Door for the Wind Creek Yavapai people.  Grandmother Marza is the last at present to hold this position. She is currently owner and formulator of a new Biodynamic Vibrational Medicine line called Etheric Light Essentials. She also teaches Vibrational Medicine internationally and nationally. She currently also has a private practice in Nevada City, CA.