Ask An Herbalist: What’s on your holiday wishlist?


Everyone has a list and is checking it twice! We decided to ask our herbalists what they wanted to receive for the holiday season.


The shaman rattle from Solmundo or a golden globe from Luminaries. Both are works of art that I would also gift to someone with an appreciation for beautifully crafted and unique ritual pieces. - Juju

Harvesting Vitality Honeys make great gifts for my family members with children. Great way to get immunity boosting herbs in. - MJ

Agarwood Attar essential oil by Floracopeia.- Jahwei


I'm excited to try Grateful Body. It's a new line that has come into the store that comes from our area. So many yummy products that have super yummy, delish ingredients. -Monica

Grateful Body and a new diffuser! - Catie


A diffuser or a good reference book are at the top of my list because I don't have either and could definitely use them! -Willem (HAALo Intern)

A new diffuser would be amazing, also Old Tree Essentials would be spiritually healing - Becka (HAALo Intern)








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