At Home: Kristen Timchak

Kristen's Nevada County home is nestled at the top a hill and reminded us how vast this county is. Her animals roam freely on the property and were the first to run up and greet us as we arrived. As we walked around her home we took every chance we could get to take in the view, a breathtaking panorama of rolling hills and blue mountains. Almost everything in Kristen's home has a story and brings a smile to her face as she recalls treasures from travels and gifts from friends. Our favorite story is how she came to be a proud mother to two Norwegian forest cats, Mischief and Atreyu. We are so happy to give you a peek around her beautiful home.

IMG_0090 copy

IMG_9991 copy

IMG_9992 copy

IMG_9956 copy




IMG_9950 copy

IMG_9998 copy

IMG_9968 copy

IMG_9977 copy

IMG_0038 copy

IMG_9995 copy


IMG_0036 copy

If you miss our first part of these series, An Herbalist's Life,  click here to read more about Kristen!

Kristen, We can't thank you enough for being the first one to kick off this new series! Thank you for be so warm and welcoming to us, we can't wait to travel the long gravel road back to visit you again!

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