Herbal Personal Care

HAALo is here to give you herbal care from your head to your toes and from the inside out! Primal Pit Paste This pit paste deodorant is designed to support the body’s detoxification process. So while it allows your pits to sweat it neutralizes the bacteria that caused odor and helps to absorb wetness. Primal… [Read More]

Herbal Dental Hygiene

Oral hygiene is important to your overall health. Incorporating natural and herbal products into your daily routine is a valuable addition to your routine cleanings and exams. HAALo offers a variety of products from toothpastes, tongue cleaners, and mouth rinses that will leave your breath feeling fresh and your teeth sparkling clean. Brush your teeth… [Read More]

Last Chance: Floracopeia Oils and Resins

HAALo is now carrying some exclusive Floracopeia oils and blends and they won’t be around forever. Sunrise is a men’s fragrance made with Pure Essential Oils diluted in a base of Jojoba Oil,  and is designed to be applied directly to the skin. Sunrise is a refreshing blend that combines the citrus notes of Lemongrass and Neroli with the purifying, woody… [Read More]

An Herbalist’s Dream Cabinet

This Herbal Medicine Making Cabinet was made by local woodworker, Gene. He has made this cabinet out of local cedar with touches of historic wood. On the southeast corner of Pine and Commercial streets in Nevada City, California stood a building that burned in 2002. It housed Friar Tuck’s Restaurants for many years. Upstairs was… [Read More]

Food for the skin

Thanks to Grateful BodyTM, Nevada City just got even more wholesome and pretty! We want to share with you some of the amazing qualities that makes the skincare line by Grateful BodyTM so attractive. This company is unlike any other line we have seen. Shannon Schroter, founder and principal formulator, created the product line as… [Read More]

Introducing: Love Potion from Violette’s Whiskers Elixirs

We’re happy to be carrying Love Potion from Violette’s Whiskers Elixirs this Valentines Day. To learn a little more about the product we asked the creator, Summer, to tell us a little more about this potion. Hello! My name is Summer. I am of Sami and Norwegian descent from a long lineage of healers and… [Read More]