Bloom body oil for Valentine’s Day …​

Why should you consider getting a bottle of Earthybody's Bloom oil this Valentine's day? Bloom is an aphrodisiac body oil designed to awaken feelings of loving kindness. Indulge your skin after a shower or bath with this decadent, nutritive, and intoxicating body oil designed to quickly absorb without leaving you oily.

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The heart center is known as the true self. Love and kindness are the seeds to a wholehearted and inspired life. When awakened, there is a sense of goodwill, warmth, and friendliness to all people, situations, and emotions. When the heart is closed, you can be controlled by shame, fear, and a sense that life is lacking meaning. To bloom is to stay curious in conflict, vulnerable to self, and to listen to the quiet wisdom within.



Damiana Leaf: A traditional aphrodisiac of the Mayan culture, damiana is a tonic and stimulant known to be a valuable remedy for mild depression and exhaustion due to its constituent thymol. A restorative herb good for long-term stress.*

St. John’s Wort: Known as a wound healer since 500 BC, this medicinal herb was said to alleviate physical pain and dispel melancholy and madness. Rich in hypericin, which protects the brain’s “feel good” receptors like serotonin, St. John’s Wort helps restore vitality to the body.*

Rose: Regarded as a mild sedative and antidepressant, rose is often used for conditions of stress relief. A rich source of vitamin C, rose petals heal sun damage, uplift mood, and soften skin.*



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  1. Marcy adams says:

    Can you order from the store..and send to me
    Love your website.