5 Immune Boosting Tips for Back To School

by Jahwei Chen-Graf, Naturopath and Herbalist at HAALo The end of summer and shift into the back to school routine is bittersweet… the days get shorter and crispness creeps into the night air. Both kids and adults need to be well rested and well nourished to ensure a strong immune system in order to stay… [Read More]

Love your lips!

by Ginger Lazarus As the winter season comes, there is one indispensable item that gets much more attention: Lip Balm. At HAALo there are many lip balms to choose from, all locally made, and wonderful in their own ways. All of our lip balms include beeswax and essential oils, but what is really interesting is… [Read More]

Give your lungs a little love with an herbal Yerba Santa steam treatment

by Juju Bearwoman This article is dedicated to David J. Cooper, who aroused my interest in Yerba Santa. The following Yerba Santa steam treatment can give instant relief from a variety of conditions that aggravate the lungs, including the feeling of oppression in the lungs due to the smoke of wild fires and congestion in… [Read More]

Sagebrush: A Flower Essence Remedy for Sweeping Through Clutter

by Brooke Sullivan, Herbalist and Flower Essence Clinician Autumn is a perfect time of transition to sweep away the excess and unnecessary, inside of us and out. Throughout the very active spring and summer seasons, little piles can collect in drawers, closets and on floors turning from pile to mess until it just becomes a nameless mass… [Read More]

Autumn Colds and Immunity Boosting

by Shea Smith, director of HAALo We have noticed this season that our community has been susceptible to an autumn cold often traveling into the lungs that seemed to have come upon us around Halloween weekend. Mamas were bringing in their children within a day or two and we couldn’t help but notice it coincided… [Read More]

Daylight Savings blues?

There are many ways to support yourself through the fall transition: seasonal diet changes, teas and herbs, and aromatherapy to name a few. Consider Flower Essences as tool for an additional layer of energetic support, no matter what your concern is. We’ve highlighted a few items to consider as you work through time change and… [Read More]