What herbalism students have to say about upcoming teachers

Many classes at HAALo are taught by our highly-trained clinical herbalists who work behind the counter everyday. We also strive to bring national-level teachers to our small community. We can’t usually bring the teachers here ahead of time for you to meet before committing to a class, so here are perspectives from students in our… [Read More]

Hormonal Imbalances: Understanding Environmental Factors in Estrogen Ecology

by Juliet Blankespoor Women today live in a very different world than our foremothers. Our female predecessors began menstruating later in life, had more children, breastfed longer, underwent menopause earlier, ate whole foods, and lived in a cleaner environment. Women today have approximately ten times as many menstrual cycles as their great-great-grandmothers. Our bodies did… [Read More]

Harvesting Sustainable Health Care

by Rachel Berry Four years ago, a small group of determined women began meeting to discuss what sustainable health care could look like in Nevada City. We all had been personally transformed and empowered by herbal medicine, and were passionate about making this sustainable, earth-based medicine more accessible in Nevada County. Quickly, we learned that… [Read More]

August Herb of the Month Club: St. John’s Wort

by Jon Oleson Our annual solar apex has many names—Summer Solstice, Midsummer, and St. John’s Day to name a few. They say that it’s from the latter that St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) claims its name. Midsummer is a time for celebrating the light, the vital force, and the spiritual flame; a time when the… [Read More]

Herbal U-pick at First Rain Farm, Thursday, June 4

by Ashley Votaw of First Rain Farm The gardens are planted and our herbs are growing beautifully.  I’m doing the first Herbal U-pick of the season on Thursday, June 4, from 4:30 to 6:30. We’re certified organic by CCOF here at First Rain Farm and have a diverse mixture of perennial and annual culinary and… [Read More]

Yarrow: first aid ally

by Jon Oleson Yarrow, Achillea millefolium (Asteraceae), is said to be named after the warrior Achilles, who used the herb to treat his wounded soldiers. Many sources talk of Yarrow’s use as a styptic (stops bleeding), but the herbal first aid gurus who I’ve studied with hold it in higher regard as a disinfectant. Additionally,… [Read More]