Herbal Personal Care

HAALo is here to give you herbal care from your head to your toes and from the inside out! Primal Pit Paste This pit paste deodorant is designed to support the body’s detoxification process. So while it allows your pits to sweat it neutralizes the bacteria that caused odor and helps to absorb wetness. Primal… [Read More]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and HAALo has plenty of gifts for you or your loved ones to live a happy, healthy life. Violette’s Whisker’s Elixirs Love Potion $20: Elske Means Love. Just 4 drops of this potion and your heart will be full of love and wanting more! Read about it here! Locally Made… [Read More]

A Quick Fix for Self Care

by Alanna Whitney I’m gonna be real for a minute: as an herbalist and medicine maker, I don’t usually buy body products. I infuse my own delicious botanical oils and make my own creams and salves and that’s usually all I need for moisturizing, wound care, and all the rest. But sometimes it’s about doing… [Read More]

Love your lips!

by Ginger Lazarus As the winter season comes, there is one indispensable item that gets much more attention: Lip Balm. At HAALo there are many lip balms to choose from, all locally made, and wonderful in their own ways. All of our lip balms include beeswax and essential oils, but what is really interesting is… [Read More]

Honoring the Masculine

by Shea Smith We wish to acknowledge and celebrate the masculine energy that has given HAALo foundational support. Without these men and their generous gifts of construction, legal advice, landscaping design and corporate accounting, HAALo would not be in the strong position we currently occupy. A Heart-centered Model of Doing Business It’s no secret that… [Read More]

Zee Sweetness of Zee Life

Hallo, everyone, it’s zee Madame Doktor Belladonna. It’s almost zee time of zee Love Days, and so we’d like to talk about zee sveetness of life… well, I don’t know, is it sweet? You tell me. Maybe… maybe it’s not. But maybe, you know, if my lover was listening and he knew zhat we had… [Read More]