August Herb of the Month Club: St. John’s Wort

by Jon Oleson Our annual solar apex has many names—Summer Solstice, Midsummer, and St. John’s Day to name a few. They say that it’s from the latter that St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) claims its name. Midsummer is a time for celebrating the light, the vital force, and the spiritual flame; a time when the… [Read More]

Calendula: Medicinal and Immune-Boosting Edible Flower

by Juliet Blankespoor Calendula is one of the primary herbs I recommend for GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), along with licorice, slippery elm and meadowsweet. I also find it helpful in healing peptic ulcers; it can be taken concurrently with antibiotic therapy, and then continued for two weeks after finishing treatment. Calendula is often combined with… [Read More]

The Way of the Kitchen Witch

by Jon Oleson, CH When I was attending clinical herbalism school in Colorado, the amount of new information concerning herbs and their actions was intimidating. There were clinical terms, referencing of “energetics,” and differences in form and preparation. We had an ongoing assignment called “Herb of the Week” for which we were required to pick… [Read More]

Herbal U-pick at First Rain Farm, Thursday, June 4

by Ashley Votaw of First Rain Farm The gardens are planted and our herbs are growing beautifully.  I’m doing the first Herbal U-pick of the season on Thursday, June 4, from 4:30 to 6:30. We’re certified organic by CCOF here at First Rain Farm and have a diverse mixture of perennial and annual culinary and… [Read More]

HAALo Practitioners: What new herbs are you experimenting with growing?

This month we asked several of HAALo’s practitioners and herbalists to share any new herbal explorations they have going. Rachel Teferet I’ve been stinging myself with nettles to help with back pain. The nettles are abundant in my garden right now, so I’ve been enjoying nettles as a steamed pot herb and delicious nettles tulsi… [Read More]

Grown in Nevada County: local herbs available in the herb shop

HAALo loves providing locally-grown herbs as much as possible. Some are wildcrafted, and many are grown by local farmers. Herbs that we currently have in stock from Ashley Votaw of First Rain Farm (shown above, harvesting chamomile which sells out almost as quickly as we get it): oregano* catnip monarda marjoram* thyme* sage* comfrey leaf… [Read More]