Let’s “raise an herb shop” together

Dear herbal friends, It’s that time of year again when hundreds of our local herbs start blooming and we have a very short window of time to wildcraft or harvest before the ideal time has passed. As I drive the roads of our county, I am in constant excitement and awe as I see all… [Read More]

Tips for Harvesting Yerba Santa

Now is a great time to harvest Yerba Santa. HAALo accepts organic, wild harvested herbal donations, or contact us to become an herbal supplier (and we can help with specific guidelines and teach you about our practices). Considering the resinous, sticky quality of this herb, here are a few tips. 1. Harvest away from busy… [Read More]

Yarrow: first aid ally

by Jon Oleson Yarrow, Achillea millefolium (Asteraceae), is said to be named after the warrior Achilles, who used the herb to treat his wounded soldiers. Many sources talk of Yarrow’s use as a styptic (stops bleeding), but the herbal first aid gurus who I’ve studied with hold it in higher regard as a disinfectant. Additionally,… [Read More]

Tips for calming nerves

by Kristen Timchak I’ve been thinking a lot about the nervous system lately. I am so curious about this system of impulses that runs through our bodies; connecting physical, emotional and mental well being in so many ways. I am curious about the enteric nervous system and the fact that I have a second “brain”… [Read More]

The Mechanics of Plant Communication

by Jon Oleson Western Herbalist (CH), Flower Essence Clinician, Plant Communication Guide at HAALo We all walk in mysteries. We do not know what is stirring in the atmosphere that surrounds us, nor how it is connected with our own spirit. So much is certain—that at times we can put out the feelers of our… [Read More]

Shea’s Perspective on Plant Spirituality

Dear herbal friends, When we plan our classes at HAALo, we choose topics that our community is “buzzing about” or that we see a pattern of questions happening in our shoppe on a regular basis. Recently, we’ve had a steady stream of conversations with our customers who are coming in to share whispered conversations of… [Read More]