Ask An Herbalist: What’s on your holiday wishlist?

Everyone has a list and is checking it twice! We decided to ask our herbalists what they wanted to receive for the holiday season. The shaman rattle from Solmundo or a golden globe from Luminaries. Both are works of art that I would also gift to someone with an appreciation for beautifully crafted and unique… [Read More]

HAALo’s 2015 Gift Guide

Buying gifts doesn’t have to be tricky. HAALo can be your 1 stop shopping place this holiday season. We’re bringing you gift ideas to fit everyone on your list! From Holiday hosts, to coworkers, teachers, and friends! Whatever their interest is HAALo provides gifts to live a happy, healthy, life! Sage Bundle $10: A bundle… [Read More]

3 Ways: Cozy Your Body

Winter is fast approaching and this is the time of year where we tend to spread ourselves too thin. The days are short, the nights are longer and we are hustling and bustling. The change of temperature can bring aches and pains, both physically and mentally. This is a great time to spend some extra time… [Read More]

Ask an Herbalist: How do you keep calm during the holidays?

We know we aren’t the only ones already preparing for the holiday season so we asked our herbalists how they stay calm and avoid stress through the family get-togethers, the baking and cooking, and cold season. We wanted to know what herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies and flower essences they keep at the ready as they deck the… [Read More]

5 Immune Boosting Tips for Back To School

by Jahwei Chen-Graf, Naturopath and Herbalist at HAALo The end of summer and shift into the back to school routine is bittersweet… the days get shorter and crispness creeps into the night air. Both kids and adults need to be well rested and well nourished to ensure a strong immune system in order to stay… [Read More]

Naughty Children, did you overindulge?

Madame Doktor Belladonna chides us just a bit during this week between Mardi Gras and St. Paddy’s Day. Hallo, za friends of zee HAALo. Zis ees za Madame Doktor Belladonna coming to you on za day after za Mardi Gras. Anywhays, you can tell I’m za little bit sick with de sinus infection, but I… [Read More]