Zee Sweetness of Zee Life

Hallo, everyone, it’s zee Madame Doktor Belladonna. It’s almost zee time of zee Love Days, and so we’d like to talk about zee sveetness of life… well, I don’t know, is it sweet? You tell me. Maybe… maybe it’s not. But maybe, you know, if my lover was listening and he knew zhat we had… [Read More]

Pre-Valentine’s Day dread? Open your heart with these herbal remedies!

If you’ve lost that loving feeling, here’s a sampling of some of the many heart opening products available in the HAALo Herb Shoppe. Our herbalists can help you select products or make custom herbal tea blends based on the types of heart opening you are needing, whether increased compassion, stimulation, softening, healing heart ache… whatever… [Read More]

Connect with Tulsi Rose

from an interview with Kristen Timchak, Integrative Herbalist at HAALo As an adaptogen herb, tulsi helps the body adapt to non-specific stress. It helps give the body energy without overstimulating the adrenals. It also helps the body to relax. Some of the systems it’s specifically good for are the lungs, the digestive system, and the… [Read More]

A Worthy Resolution

by Victoria LaFont This time of year I notice a lot of classes and promotions that call out to folks to make strict New Year’s resolutions — Lose Weight!  Slim Down!  Cut out your problem foods and feel better! It’s an easy market to target, isn’t it?  We all feel a little blah sometimes, and… [Read More]

Message from Madame Doktor Belladonna

Hello friends of zee HAALo. Since many peoples liked to hear the last words I was saying, I have been invited by Shea, the lady of zee HAALo, to talk to you each months, or what. I’m very happy to have zee talking time, and so zis times, I would like to share wiss all… [Read More]

Creating celebrations with meaning

Hello, dear herbal friends! I have a confession to make: a few years ago, Christmas became unbearable to me. All of my youthful anticipation and excitement had been replaced by an unseen heaviness, anxiety, and feeling of hopelessness to provide a magical, meaningful experience for my family and self. This happened at a time when… [Read More]