Naughty Children, did you overindulge?

Madame Doktor Belladonna chides us just a bit during this week between Mardi Gras and St. Paddy’s Day. Hallo, za friends of zee HAALo. Zis ees za Madame Doktor Belladonna coming to you on za day after za Mardi Gras. Anywhays, you can tell Iā€™m za little bit sick with de sinus infection, but I… [Read More]

Tea with Shea: Shea chats with Anna Werderitsch about Loving your Liver

Join us on our new video venture! Anna Werderitsch, MS, LAc, sits down with Shea in the herb shoppe for a conversation about liver love. What makes your liver happy? It could be as simple as laying in a field watching the clouds roll by. Click here to watch the video on our YouTube channel… [Read More]

Incorporating Liver into your Diet

If you haven’t explored the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, it’s a great place to start for figuring out how and why to incorporate liver into your diet. It’s believed that eating a particular organ helps support that organ internally. If you are a meat eater, you probably eat muscle more than anything else ā€” why not… [Read More]