5 Immune Boosting Tips for Back To School

by Jahwei Chen-Graf, Naturopath and Herbalist at HAALo The end of summer and shift into the back to school routine is bittersweet… the days get shorter and crispness creeps into the night air. Both kids and adults need to be well rested and well nourished to ensure a strong immune system in order to stay… [Read More]

The Power of a Well-Balanced Formula

by JuJu Bearwoman Simply Being Botanicals is a fine line of tinctures that HAALo offers to the community in our showcase of locally-made herbal remedies. They consist of both single herb (aka “simples”) and formulated extractions. Raya Cole, an herbalist and mother here in Nevada City, is the owner and formulator of Simply Being. She… [Read More]

Gratitude trumps busy-ness at HAALo gatherings

Spring and all its bustling activity are in the air. A common theme from this month’s HAALo gathering was busy-ness in all its forms, from end of school wrap up to gardening. The beautiful thing about our family, even with all the stress and frantic energy that busy-ness creates, was how everyone dropped in and… [Read More]

HAALo Practitioners: What new herbs are you experimenting with growing?

This month we asked several of HAALo’s practitioners and herbalists to share any new herbal explorations they have going. Rachel Teferet I’ve been stinging myself with nettles to help with back pain. The nettles are abundant in my garden right now, so I’ve been enjoying nettles as a steamed pot herb and delicious nettles tulsi… [Read More]

Grown in Nevada County: local herbs available in the herb shop

HAALo loves providing locally-grown herbs as much as possible. Some are wildcrafted, and many are grown by local farmers. Herbs that we currently have in stock from Ashley Votaw of First Rain Farm (shown above, harvesting chamomile which sells out almost as quickly as we get it): oregano* catnip monarda marjoram* thyme* sage* comfrey leaf… [Read More]

Let’s “raise an herb shop” together

Dear herbal friends, It’s that time of year again when hundreds of our local herbs start blooming and we have a very short window of time to wildcraft or harvest before the ideal time has passed. As I drive the roads of our county, I am in constant excitement and awe as I see all… [Read More]