Gratitude trumps busy-ness at HAALo gatherings

Spring and all its bustling activity are in the air. A common theme from this month’s HAALo gathering was busy-ness in all its forms, from end of school wrap up to gardening. The beautiful thing about our family, even with all the stress and frantic energy that busy-ness creates, was how everyone dropped in and… [Read More]

HAALo Practitioners: What new herbs are you experimenting with growing?

This month we asked several of HAALo’s practitioners and herbalists to share any new herbal explorations they have going. Rachel Teferet I’ve been stinging myself with nettles to help with back pain. The nettles are abundant in my garden right now, so I’ve been enjoying nettles as a steamed pot herb and delicious nettles tulsi… [Read More]

Tips for calming nerves

by Kristen Timchak I’ve been thinking a lot about the nervous system lately. I am so curious about this system of impulses that runs through our bodies; connecting physical, emotional and mental well being in so many ways. I am curious about the enteric nervous system and the fact that I have a second “brain”… [Read More]

Open sesame: the power of a daily oiling practice

by Rexanne Diehl Sesame oil is revered as a rejuvenatory oil in Ayurveda. It has been known to provide grounding nourishment for the skin, support the nervous system, and strengthen the mind and body overall. In Ayurveda, it is suggested that daily oiling with organic warm sesame oil is a practice that promotes a healthy… [Read More]

How do you get grounded?

We love talking with our herbalists to hear their different perspectives. We all have so much to learn from each other, and this is a great way to spark conversation. These answers might spark something within you to try something new or connect with one of these amazing healing practitioners. Kristen Timchak With simple routines… [Read More]

Hello from the HAALo Family

HAALo is a large family. Once a month we gather together to catch up, talk some business, and relish in each other’s company. Here’s a tiny glimpse of what some of us are doing out in the world. Alanna Whitney is excited to be out in the field — growing things, harvesting and making. She’s… [Read More]