Harvesting Sustainable Health Care

by Rachel Berry Four years ago, a small group of determined women began meeting to discuss what sustainable health care could look like in Nevada City. We all had been personally transformed and empowered by herbal medicine, and were passionate about making this sustainable, earth-based medicine more accessible in Nevada County. Quickly, we learned that… [Read More]

Empowerment: The Journey of Internal Growth

by Brooke Sullivan Empowerment is one of my favorite words. To me it feels less like a noun and more like a verb, a journey of internal growth that gives one confidence, stability and happiness in one’s self in the world. No one can empower You, as true empowerment must be self actualized, felt in… [Read More]

Grown in Nevada County: local herbs available in the herb shop

HAALo loves providing locally-grown herbs as much as possible. Some are wildcrafted, and many are grown by local farmers. Herbs that we currently have in stock from Ashley Votaw of First Rain Farm (shown above, harvesting chamomile which sells out almost as quickly as we get it): oregano* catnip monarda marjoram* thyme* sage* comfrey leaf… [Read More]

Let’s “raise an herb shop” together

Dear herbal friends, It’s that time of year again when hundreds of our local herbs start blooming and we have a very short window of time to wildcraft or harvest before the ideal time has passed. As I drive the roads of our county, I am in constant excitement and awe as I see all… [Read More]

Grounding: Begin by Going Outside

by Ramsey Demeter Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there is something about modern culture that leaves us feeling disconnected — from ourselves, other people and our planet. This deep sense of isolation can lead to a host of problems: depression, anxiety, conflict, destructive actions. What then is the antidote to this malady?… [Read More]

Why Chew on Sticks?

Herbalist David Cooper has a special bond with Osha Root, so Shea invited him to chat about what chewing on sticks can do for our health. We created a series of 3 videos so you can: Meet David, Learn More about Osha Root, and find out Why Chew on Sticks? All videos are on the… [Read More]