Calendula: Medicinal and Immune-Boosting Edible Flower

by Juliet Blankespoor Calendula is one of the primary herbs I recommend for GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), along with licorice, slippery elm and meadowsweet. I also find it helpful in healing peptic ulcers; it can be taken concurrently with antibiotic therapy, and then continued for two weeks after finishing treatment. Calendula is often combined with… [Read More]

Gummies: A Nourishing Treat (recipe included)

by Anna Werderitsch “The three months of winter, they denote securing and storing…Go to bed early and rise late. You must wait for the sun to rise. Let the mind enter a state as if hidden, {as if shut in}, as if you had secret intentions, as if you had already made gains.” (Unschuld, Huang… [Read More]

Manzanita: our local superfood

by Alicia Funk Although “nature” is a word used commonly with reverence, much of our real, daily connection to the natural world has been lost. With a changing climate, a 75% loss in food diversity over the last century, the introduction of patented, genetically modified food (GMO’s), and the decline of cultural knowledge of the… [Read More]

The Allure of Cardamom

by Denise Reynolds HAALo’s Enchantress of Spices Cardamom is such a treat for the senses. From the pop of opening its pod with a mortar and pestle to its elusive taste, it draws you into its ancient mystery. Originating in India and important in the spice trade for several thousand years, cardamom only grows in… [Read More]

Foraged Trio Pesto recipe

Foraged Trio Pesto by JuJu Urcis, HAALo intern 2 cups total of combined parts Douglas Fir tips, Nettle leaf, and Dandelion leaf ¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil ¼ cup pine nuts or other seasonal nut 3 cloves of organic garlic 1/8 tsp himalayan salt 1 wedge organic lemon Use a food processor to break… [Read More]

Feel vital, healthy and whole

Penelope Sullivan challenges the Western medicine paradigm of treating ailments and symptoms by looking at health from a holistic perspective that includes dietary and herbal considerations as well as lifestyle choices. Penelope shares her knowledge in several upcoming workshops at the HAALo herb shoppe. She has tuned in to some deeper needs of our culture… [Read More]