An Herbalist’s Life: Kristen Timchak

It can be hard to stay balanced and unaffected by today’s hustle and bustle but Kristen is a genius when it comes to tackling stress. She has a love for the nervous system and helping others manage a busy lifestyle through Ayurvedic Treatments and herbs. Kristen’s love of herbs goes all the way back to… [Read More]

Locally-harvested Beeswax

We all know that honey is a luscious gift from our bee friends, but so is their beeswax. The HAALo Herb Shoppe carries locally-harvested Beeswax from Crispian Mudd in both light and dark varieties. Crispian explains: “The bees create a little seal over each cell and you have to cut it off to access the… [Read More]

5 Tips to Survive Turkey Day

by Victoria LaFont, NTP, CGP While some of us cannot wait for the upcoming holidays, others of us feel a bit bloated by the thought of extra peanut buttery peanut butter cups and boats full of gravy. If you find yourself in the latter, more bloated category, I offer these 5 tips to help you… [Read More]

Burning Man Survival at HAALo

Because you can’t afford to go to Burning Man without this fabulous shower in a cup.  Narrated and filmed by Victoria LaFont with product demonstration by Shea Smith 🙂  

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes! The Astrology of Gardening: Tracking the Moon’s Shifting Rhythm This Wednesday, June 5th, 6:00 PM at HAALO Still working on getting your garden together, or interested in brushing up on the astrology of planting?  Join T. Turtlington for a facilitated study group working with planting calendars, this Wednesday, June 5th at 6:00 PM,… [Read More]

Edible Plants & HAALo Discounts!

Edible & Medicinal Plants of California: A Bioregional Exploration An Interactive Lecture/Presentation June 27. 6pm-9pm.  Cost: $10 Register Now! California is home to a diverse array of edible & medicinal plants long valued for their nutritional/therapeutic effects. During this talk we will explore many of the more common (and lesser known) native/non-native plants found growing… [Read More]