AquariusClassCreating Sacred Space: The Art of Altar Building

Instructor: Aquarius

Date: Wednesday, April 2, 6 – 8pm

Location: HAALo Herb Shoppe, 412 Commercial St., Nevada City, CA

Join us as we learn the techniques of establishing sacred space.  Altars are a space in which the divine, the magic of creation, meets with our earthly selves and helps us to bring forth what we wish into manifestation. We will discuss the properties of herbs, oils, light and the elementals in altar creation.  In this discussion we will learn how to co-create with these tools in order to establish a sacred space. Working with these elements and altars supports us in creating what we truly wish to manifest in life. Ease and joy and prosperity are yours to create!


About the instructor
Aquarius is committed to the inspiration of the manifestation of the grandest in all Be-ings.  Open to messages of the divine within, she is a Spiritual Teacher.  For the last fifteen years she has been teaching the History of the Sacred Feminine, Moon Cycle Mysteries and Healing Arts. She has taught throughout the United States and Canada.  Her workshops also include Reading Tarot, The Creation of Sacred Space, Reiki and Crystal Healing Therapy.