Turtle-buckeyeDrawing from Plants: Learning to See

Instructor: T. “Turtle” Turtlington

Dates: April 11, 15 and 18, 2014, 1 – 2:30pm

Location: HAALo Herb Shoppe, 412 Commercial St., Nevada City, CA


In this series of drawing classes, we will use charcoal, pencil, and pen-and-ink to explore the vibrant life of plants! Through a deeply personal and intuitively creative study, we can access the unspoken “voice” of the plant world. From stem to bud, leaf, flower and seed, a plant undergoes archetypal transformations. By observing and illustrating this metamorphosis, artist, botanist, herbalist, and healer can connect to the deeper wisdom that is held within the Soul of each plant.

Whether you are interested in practicing the minute details of botanical illustration or wanting to learn to connect with Nature through uninhibited artistic grace, artist and teacher T.Turtlington, will hold space, and guide you through a process of personal and artistic discovery.

The series is divided into three 1-1/2 hour classes; you may attended one or all of them. We will meet in front of HAALo promptly at 1pm on each day, and then settle into a peaceful outdoor location for our class. Participants may wish to bring sketch-pads, paper, drawing boards, pencils and erasers, although Materials Will Be Provided!


April 11th: Drawing Lines in Nature: Stems, Branches and Tree Trunks.

Observation techniques, drawing what you see, getting results.


April 15th: Spirals in Time: Buds, Leaves and Unfurling Flowers.

Plant growth and Goethean metamorphosis, seeing, drawing and shading in 3D.


April 18th: Flowers of Life: Blooming in The Mystery and Nature’s Open Secret.

Flowers as an expression of a plants essence, drawing botanical parts, subtle uses of color.

Turtle TurtlingtonAbout the instructor

T. “Turtle” Turtlington is a gardener, artist, alchemist and mead-maker.  He studies the natural rhythms of both Earth and Sky, in an attempt to wed Art and Science.  His tools are the compass, a shovel, paintbrush, and pen.  He has studied extensively with geometer and architect Keith Critchlow, in his Kairos Program.  He attended the Goethean Studies program with alchemist and biodynamic researcher Dennis Klocek, at the Rudolf Steiner Collage (2002).  In 2003 he learned, and later co-taught, the art and technique of herbal elixirs and medicinal meads with the late Frank Cook.  In 2013, Turtle started The Mathemagical School of Art, Design and Natural Phenomena, through which he teaches the practical applications of Divine Number and Sacred Geometry.   (Learn more at: The Mathemagical School of Art, Design and Natural Phenomena)