Herbal-EstrogenFemale Reproductive Herbs and the Ecology of Estrogen

Instructor: Juliet Blankespoor

Date: Sunday, September 27, 10am – 5pm

Location: The Stonehouse, 107 Sacramento St., Nevada City, CA

Tuition: $115, $95 Early Bird discount by August 19

Do see a lot of clients with female reproductive issues, or do you suffer from them yourself? Have you wondered about the potential impact of environmental chemicals on the hormonal system, and what role they might play in women’s health? In this intermediate to advanced class, join nationally recognized herbalist and teacher Juliet Blankespoor to examine the various factors affecting estrogen metabolism and excretion in the female human body.

Herbs are wonderful allies for addressing most reproductive conditions, but if we fail to examine root causes, further problems can arise. By exploring underlying imbalances in diet, lifestyle, intestinal flora health, and body fat, we can holistically help women in the treatment of female reproductive disorders. In addition, a working knowledge of estrogen ecology is an essential foundation for healthy reproductive hormone balance in the changing world environment. The differences between phytoestrogens (from plants), xenoestrogens (from chemicals) and endogenous estrogens (from the body) will be discussed. As a group, we will examine a few case histories to explore how a deeper understanding of the estrogen cycle and estrogen ecology can be applied to help design a more effective, holistic treatment plan.

This class will be highly informational and geared toward the intermediate to advanced herbalist and allied health care practitioners. All levels are welcome, however, we ask that beginner-level participants refrain from asking questions during lecture to maintain the advanced nature of the class.

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