Happy, Healthy, Whole… Nurturing a Healthy Pregnancy

Instructor: Penelope Sullivan

Dates: Thursday, May 29, 2014 • 6:15–8:15pm

Location: HAALo Herb Shoppe, 412 Commercial St., Nevada City, CA

Class Fees: Individuals $30, Couples $45 in advance ~ add $5 for walk-in

Join us as we discuss many ways to support healthy pregnancy. This class can be helpful during any stage of pregnancy, and also will be very helpful for those with future plans in mind. We will focus on the health of the mother and father prior to conception, and travel through pregnancy and the first few months postpartum. Some topics covered include:

  • To cleanse or not to cleanse
  • Herbs and foods that support and nourish fertility
  • Diet and supplements during pregnancy
  • Herbs used traditionally to support birthing
  • Where to birth,  and
  • How to nourish the entire family throughout all stages of this sacred cycle.

Participants will leave with pages of herbal recipes and nourishing recipes. Per person or per couple tickets available.


Penelope SullivanAbout the teacher: Penelope Sullivan

Penelope’s background is as a certified family and nutritional herbalist as well as having a degree in Holistic Nutrition. Her joy is to empower individuals to address these issues and know what they can do to help themselves.