Herbal Medicine & Energetics: A 5-Month Intensive with Matthew Wood

This unique, 5-month course provides a comprehensive overview of the holistic practice of herbal medicine. Herbs work on physiological imbalances in the organism, not necessarily on specific named diseases. Therefore we need to be able to identify basic categories of imbalance (energetics) and their manifestation throughout the body

Energetics throughout the world are based on hot and cold, damp and dry, and tension and relaxation. We will study these tissue states and discuss individual plants and specific indications for their use.

Energetics, body systems, and specific indications form the tripod upon which truly competent treatment plans can be developed, and will be primary focus of this course. Methods of evaluation and how to take a meaningful case history will be discussed (although this is not a class on advanced herbal diagnostic techniques). Comprehensive coverage of material medica (plant medicine) according to energetics, specific indications, tastes, and some simple pharmacology will also be included. This course is best suited to the intermediate or advanced students.

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Schedule & Location
This course meets on the following weekends, 10 – 5pm each day, in Nevada City.

Jan 23-24
February 20-21
March 12-13
April 2-3
April 23-24
May 21-22

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Registration Details

This intensive course is limited to 20 students, and requires a commitment from students to engage in the complete series. The first class meeting is open as an introductory weekend, and for those who wish to continue on, tuition may be applied to the complete series.

Full Tuition:
$1170 Early Bird Registration, paid in full by by December 10
$1300 Standard Registration, paid in full after December 10

Introductory Weekend Tuition: $220

Payment Plan:

For those who prefer to make a payment plan, the following terms are avaiable:
First payment, due upon registration: $510
Second payment, due February 20: $280
Third payment, due March 12: $280
Final payment, due April 3: $280

At first class, submit 3 post-dated checks for $280, made out to HAALo (Feb 20, March 12, April 3). Credit card option is available by request. This option includes a $50 processing fee.

Refund Policy: Due to the intensive nature of this program,  we require a full commitment to completion of this intensive. All participants should be prepared to make this commitment, both with their personal time and their finances. No refunds will be given after January 1st.

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Matthew-Wood-circleMatthew Wood has been a practicing herbalists since 1982, and is the author of six acclaimed books on herbal medicine, including The Earthwise Herbal and the Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism.  He has lectured across the United states, as well as in Europe, Australia and Canada. He is a member of the American Herbalists Guild and earned his Master of Science degree from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine.