Gem-EssencesThe Shamanic Herbalist: Understanding Mineral Essences

Exploring the Mineral Kingdom and
Vibrational Medicines made from the Earth

Instructor: Marza R. Millar

Date: September 24 • 6–8:30pm

Location: HAALo Herb Shoppe, 412 Commercial St., Nevada City, CA


This class will give an overview of

  • vibrational medicine
  • the crystalline matrix and,
  • vibrational treatments with Mineral Medicine.

Students will be given introductory knowledge of proper applications using the minerals and crystals in the human vibrational matrix. The resonance of the mineral and crystalline energies as a healing method will be discussed.

If time allows, the use of herbs in harmony with the minerals will be explored.


About the instructor, Marza R. Millar, Clinical Herbalist, CMT, MA:
Marza’s upbringing in earth-based medicine comes from her father’s people, the Yavapai. After receiving a formal education and working in allopathic medicine, Marza returned to her roots based in earth medicine.

She has worked with Flower Essence Services for the last 10 years, and has studied with Dr. Emoto, Bruce Lipton, Teresita Espinoza, Lunn Tagart and the Heartmath Institute. She has worked with and developed Vibrational Biodynamic Medicines for the last 15 years while teaching nationally and internationally. Marza is most recently working with Marion Farms, and produces the Sacred Earth Medicinal line of Flower Essences. She is well-known for her work with the Hopi and the Alaskan Native Nations.