Wildcrafting Ethics and Medicinal Plants of the Yuba River Watershed

Instructor: Julia Urcis “JuJu”
Dates:  Pre-Class April 13 @ 6pm, Field Class, April 17 @ 9am
Location: HAALo Herb Shoppe, Nevada City

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This course invites people who are curious about collecting plants in nature and want someone to give them some clues about how to do it right. I invite people to connect to wild places with a respectful approach, and to open their senses to the spirit of herbalism in places other than human-tended gardens. We will discuss the following topics:

  • Topography, soil types and climatic conditions that host various medicinal plants
  • Toxicity, where not to harvest, trespassing, National Forest land in the area
  • Sensitive areas, heavily trafficked areas, size of plant population, plant maturity
  • Honoring the wildness and sacred history of plants and their communities
  • Co-evolution of plants and humans
  • Correct identification of plants
  • Benefits of making plant medicine from wild plants
  • Ethical practices based on Howie Brownstein from Columbine School of Herbal Studies

Juju Urcis

JuJu is a lifelong student of the healing arts and culture. She is an herbalist and assistant manager at HAALo Herb Shoppe in Nevada City and organizes the HAALo HANDS project, which connects farmers, wild-crafters, and gardeners to the shoppe. She has studied Chinese Medicine since 2005, in San Francisco, where she attended ACTCM. She has a bachelor’s degree from UC Davis in Nature and Culture, and a certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing (mapping). She devotes her practice to people interested in learning herbology, healing, and living mindfully. She is passionate about learning traditional healing modalities of various cultures and promoting the alchemy of homemade remedies. She believes that healing comes from both the experience of gathering medicine and interacting with the living plants, as well as practicing herbalism on the body, and living a healthy life with mind, body and spirit.