Food for the skin

Thanks to Grateful BodyTM, Nevada City just got even more wholesome and pretty!


We want to share with you some of the amazing qualities that makes the skincare line by Grateful BodyTM so attractive. This company is unlike any other line we have seen. Shannon Schroter, founder and principal formulator, created the product line as “an inspiring adventure based on the wish to create vital formulas that could genuinely support the skin and body.” When he started the company, only 4 organic skin care lines were in business. Now that number is staggering and well above the thousands. Shannon has a commitment to alchemy and vitality, attributes that many other products have compromised for mass-production. Quality is the bottom line in these products; the deeply nourishing ingredients combined with expert knowledge of plant-based alchemy emphasize Shannon’s vision to address skincare as the “dermal application of nutrients.”


One of the remarkable items in the product line is what Shannon calls a Phytotonic. They are intended to follow the application of the cleanser and toner, and are described as “super-charged nutritive gels overflowing with liquid nutrients.” These are free-radicals’ worst nightmare! They are lightweight and invigorating, similar to a toner but richer in texture; you feel something come alive when your skin drinks that nectar. I have been using the phytotonic for the past month and it is by far my favorite product. The entire line caters to the complexity of diverse bodies and environments, so there is face food for every skin type! Enjoy.


Juju Urcis


JuJu loves the physical connection she shares with plants, especially her herbal allies.  She knows that studying herbs in their processed form alone reveals only a fraction of the information that one receives from working with the herbs during their life cycle in the ground.  She loves to forage for plants and fungi in the mountains and learn how to integrate the use of native herbs. She is grateful to all her teachers for sharing their knowledge and inspiring her to continue the legacy of plant medicine.

At HAALo JuJu is actively seeking to connect farmers with the demand for herbs at the store and for medicine makers in the community. She is committed to weaving together all parts of the herbal network, from seed to formula, and in creating sustainable futures for both farmers and herbalists.



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