Gratitude trumps busy-ness at HAALo gatherings

Spring and all its bustling activity are in the air. A common theme from this month's HAALo gathering was busy-ness in all its forms, from end of school wrap up to gardening. The beautiful thing about our family, even with all the stress and frantic energy that busy-ness creates, was how everyone dropped in and was able to sink into a place of gratitude.

Rachel Rosen is excited to be back working on Fridays in the herb shoppe with Rexanne.

Rexanne Diehl shared resin and Agarwood attar that were gifted to her from David Crowe of Floracopeia. She wanted to honor the changes of Anna and Ginger who have been pivotal in HAALo's growth. She's busily creating in the lab — so much learning and care goes along with this. She's ramping up her creation practices to take them to a professional level, and is working with fellow HAALo practitioners who want to do the same.


Anna Werderitsch is settling in to her new Spirit Farmer Acupuncture practice on Zion Street and has such gratitude about the changes. She's enjoying the quiet, and her mom is helping one day a week, which is very sweet and enjoyable for both of them. She will have an open house in early fall as the busy-ness of summer calms down. Anna still works part time at HAALo on Wednesday mornings. She just installed a new gate on her home garden, which provides her rest and recoup time. California Sagebrush is a new interest, and she's excited about the attention her Japanese Knotweed tincture is receiving from local clients.

Ginger Lazarus joined us for one last meeting. She came to offer her gratitude to Christina and Alanna for how they are stepping into their new roles at HAALo — their competence allows her to feel happy leaving. She thanked everyone at HAALo for their love and support; each person has taught her something about herself (there were many tears). Ginger's not going far; she's now dedicating her time to opening Cult of Gemini in Grass Valley on June 16, which so far seems to be an endless amount of painting.

Christina Moore offers thanks for patience for tracking all the tiny things in the shoppe as she settles into the accounting role. At home she's struggling a bit with water issues, but all her veggies and herbs are planted.

Alanna Whitney made a fast transition from practitioner to her new role of shoppe manager. She hopes to return to the Herb Geek world soon. To decompress she's prioritizing playing and medicine making.

Rachel Berry had a fabulous class at First Rain Farm; she loves the energy of people being inspired by the land.


Jon Oleson has been busy but is excited about tonight's Herb of the Month Club on Yarrow. He went to Mt. Shasta to teach with Brooke and found a whole mountainside of Pulsatilla and was able to gather some after sitting with the plants.

Jahwei Chen Graf has been exhausted in little kid land with school winding down. She's excited to be back at HAALo part-time on Wednesdays to reconnect with the herb world. She's looking forward to medicine making again.

Monica Tomasi arrived with amazing new hair! Her long hair was holding her back, so she found a short style that connects her with more of the image and energy she desires. She took Matthew Wood's Animal Totems class, and is excited to say that he'll be on The Herb Nerd Podcast in January of next year. She has two new interviews up on the podcast now, and wrote a blog post about strawberry medicine for her website. She's creating labels for her tea company and getting a kitchen license, and somehow she also finds time for gardening.

Monica and Ashlee Sakaishi Wilkin talked to 15–20 Western doctors at Serenity in Folsom. Monica presented about vaginal steam healing, and Ashlee talked about Ayurvedic post partum care. They were thrilled with how open the doctors were to hearing their alternative perspectives and to learn that some sound meditation and hand & foot massages have been introduced to a few practices in that area.

Ashlee has many weeks of travel ahead as a doula to be with mamas and do post-partum care. She expressed such gratitude to all fellow HAALo herbalists for the shift coverages while she's away.

Juju Urcis realized she was neglecting exercise, so she went biking in Santa Cruz and is making time for more biking in general. While in Santa Cruz, she went to an open house at 5 Branches. She taught a series of herbal salve and first aid classes to kids at Camp Augusta here in Nevada City. She also went to last month's Herb of the Month Club and really loved it — it's a great learning opportunity for the community and she invites everyone to come! She is doing her own wildcrafting as time allows.

Juju and Monica are presenting a custom tea blending bar at Friday's Art Walk (June 5).

Kathy Frey is gearing up for her video teaching experience with Craftsy later this month. She's getting coaching which will help her when she's behind the camera filming herbalists for HAALo's YouTube channel.


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