HAALo Practitioners: What new herbs are you experimenting with growing?

This month we asked several of HAALo's practitioners and herbalists to share any new herbal explorations they have going.

Rachel TeferetRachel Rose Teferet

I've been stinging myself with nettles to help with back pain. The nettles are abundant in my garden right now, so I've been enjoying nettles as a steamed pot herb and delicious nettles tulsi tea.


Ashlee Sakaishi WilkinAshlee Sakaishi Griffiths

I'm growing Blue Vervaine. The plants are growing tall ~ beautiful ladies! I haven't yet worked with Blue Vervaine, but I am excited to start soon.



Alanna WhitneyAlanna Whitney

I'm growing all the usual suspects — calendula, lemon balm, culinary herbs... And thanks to Ashley Votaw, I'm experimenting with Sweet Annie, an artemisia used in Chinese medicine that's effective in treating malaria. Also new to my garden are lobelia, my very favorite relaxant, and monarda.

Anna WerderitschAnna Werderitsch

I am growing arnica for the first time! I am not harvesting it this year, for I want to support it in reseeding and spreading through my garden. I also have two thriving queens of my garden: Elderberry! I have been preaching the gospel of the elderberry orchard, and these two have started that for me. Also, my dream of growing mulberry has come true. All parts of this are used as medicines that I use almost everyday!

I am a huge proponent of supporting and learning about the natives and weeds that volunteer. One new friend is Tarweed. It is resinous and aromatic. I have been picking the tops to infuse in an oil.

Jon OlesonJon Oleson

I've been trying to get out hiking in new areas in order to get to know the "local" flora and microclimates. One goal with this is to find new areas to wildcraft. Another is to get to know my wild community. I was excited to find Pulsatilla at Shasta.

I haven't been experimenting with new plants. What I have been doing is deepening my relationship with several plants, especially as it relates to Herb of the Month. I've also been playing with flower essences in the same fashion.

Jahwei Chen GrafJahwei Chen-Graf

This year I've added scullcap, catnip, monarda (bee balm), arnica and chamomile to my herb garden. The white sage I planted two years ago has been flowering for the last two months. It's sending forth huge, long white flowering spikes which are just magnificent... I feel that they are protecting my garden and home space.


Monica TomasiMonica Tomasi

I'm experiencing usnea in my life. I have been able to stave off illness trying to run me down. I harvested usnea with Juju when we went to the coast together months ago. The usnea was so beautiful hanging in the coastal trees. I am really enjoying the better health that I have due to usnea.


Juju UrcisJuju Urcis

I have a very small garden, but I am stoked to have fresh lemon balm, spearmint, nettles, rosemary and tulsi in my homespace. I have been romancing yarrow for the last two weeks — infusing oil, steeping it in tea, and extracting it in tincture. I have even been crushing up the small leaves to use directly on open wounds. I love yarrow's sharp aroma, especially the way it clears my mind when I snap off a flower and wave it under my schnoz.

Rexanne DiehlReanne Diehl

I am currently exploring a variety of nervines such as calendula, skullcap and rose. All of these herbs promote clear vision and a deeper sense of relaxation. They also help reduce heat in the mind, as summer season has arrived. I infuse these three herbs in a quart jar at night under the moon. The lunar energy infuses incredible soma from the moon.


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