Herbal Personal Care

HAALo is here to give you herbal care from your head to your toes and from the inside out!

Primal Pit Paste

This pit paste deodorant is designed to support the body's detoxification process. So while it allows your pits to sweat it neutralizes the bacteria that caused odor and helps to absorb wetness. Primal pit paste is silicone, PEG, synthetic preservative and aluminum free. It uses coconut oil for antimicrobial properties, organic essential oils for fragrance, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and kaolin clay to absorb wetness and neutralize odor. It comes in different scents including coconut lime, lavender, and jacked up jasmine. Pick between a jar, spray or stick!


Frontier Angel Shampoo Bars

A natural shampoo with a very small environmental footprint, no plastic and no harmful ingredients.  Everything in this shampoo is derived from natural ingredients.  A win/win for people and planet! Available in 2 scents for 2 different hair types this shampoo bar is available in Geranium Ylang-ylang for dryer hair and Rosemary Lavender for normal hair. These shampoo bars will balance your pH and are full of botanical based goodies for hair.



Baraka Neti Pots, Sinus oil and Salts

Using a neti pot can help restore your sinuses to health. Pharmaceutical sinus remedies, on the other hand, suppress or alter the body’s processes. They relieve symptoms in the short term. At a price. Requiring long-term or frequent use, drugs can be hard on both your wallet and your body. Many have unpleasant side effects. Most are only partially effective. And the success rate for sinus surgery, which is often suggested for severe sinus problems, isn’t encouraging. Rinsing with a neti pot could help change all that. Using a neti pot can easily fit into your daily cleansing routine. All it takes is a few short minutes – just like brushing your teeth. Gravity gently does the work of rinsing your sinuses for you!



Come in to HAALo and speak to an herbalist to help select the best herbal products for you!


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