Alanna Whitney

Alanna Whitney


Business: Live Wild Wellness - Herbal and nutritional support for busy women: reducing stress and cultivating energy for the things they need, leaving time for the things they love.

Services: Acute offerings as well as full intake for longer term health imbalances. Full intake comprises a full health history and includes personalized herbal formula and nutritional and protocol. Flower essence sessions, too!

Contact info: [email protected]

Consultation status: accepting new clients / herb counter consults

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Health is our birthright. I came to herbal medicine, nutrition, and complementary health through a radical determination to uncover that relationship and intimacy with our own bodies — those connections that would have been second nature to our grandmothers and their mothers.

My perspective is Vitalist: simple means can create the most powerful transformations. My practice includes gentle work with nutrition (real food! nutrient density!), attending to food allergies and nutritional deficiencies, and supporting the process with plant spirit medicine (I love flower essences!), as well as the gentle and revolutionary act of drinking tea.

Herbal medicine is about far more than herbs: it’s about developing a relationship with our bodies, with the wild, insidious natural world that creeps into our cities and our psyches. It is, too, about developing a relationship with our food, and learning to listen to our body’s responses to the fuel we give it. And of course, herbal medicine is about slowing down and connecting with the wild and virile spirits of plants.

Areas of specialty: I am interested in working with addiction in all its multifarious aspects: food, food allergens, substance, body image, process and emotional habits, exercise… I am also passionate about creating a safe space in which to work with and support GLBTQ community locally.

Training: I completed a two-year intensive clinical training offered by NAIMH (North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, Paul Bergner’s love child and life’s work), now CSCH (Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, run and operated by Lisa Ganora). I graduated with high honors in all three clinical certification programs offered, the culmination of more than 1500 classroom hours and a 10-month clinical residency. The school was borne from a Vitalist paradigm of healing, passed down to founder Paul Bergner through extensive graduate level training at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon.

Teachers: My guides, teachers, and mentors along my herbal journey have been invaluable and diverse. I was blessed to work in the tradition of Michael Moore (now carried by Daniel Gagnon) as a staff herbalist at Herbs Etc. in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Other teachers who have shaped my journey include the inimitable Matthew Wood; unsung clinical superhero Mary Barnes; plant constituent geek, chemist, and folk herbalist in the wise woman tradition Lisa Ganora; medicine carrier of the Gila mountains Doug Simons; juicy woman and master of reading the body Margi Flint; wild desert woman, elegant botanical illustrator, and carrier of plant spirit medicine Mimi Kamp; clinical mastermind and mountain woman Kiva Rose; and neurodivergent radical, revolutionary and tender heart Sean Donahue.