16-Benjah Martchek

Benjah Martchek

Integrative Herbalist

Consultation status: on leave

Benjah graduated from Evergreen State College in 2006 with a Bachelors degree in chemistry, specializing in botanical extracts and medicine making. He has spent years studying herbalism in the Amazon jungle, Mexico, and here in California.

Since 2008 he has lived in Grass Valley, where he completed a year of study in Tibetan medicine with the Sorig institute, and has also participated in a local herbal apprenticeship program with Kathi Keville.

Benjah prefers to formulate with local medicinal plants, and is a founding member of the Plant Spirit Society, a group of individuals that focus on learning the deeper teachings of plant spirit medicine. His passions include incorporating many traditional teachings and ceremonies into his practice, such as the Sweat Lodge and the South American Diet. Believing that healing must address all parts of a person, body, mind, and spirit, Benjah specializes in targeting mental and emotional stresses that lead to disease.

For many years he has been an avid lucid dreamer and uses dreams to help diagnose and understand how to harmonize the mind and body. He wants to teach classes in shamanic dreaming with plants and how to work with subconscious for better health and prosperity. His passions include gardening, wild crafting, and singing with local plants, as well as helping the community expand their awareness of the beauty and medicine that lives all around them.