Catie Pazandak

Herbalist, Nutrition, Food Allergies, Flower Essences

Business: Harvesting Vitality

Available Products: medicinal herbal honeys

Services: Catie offers support and guidance to her clients and helps to raise their vitality through diet, herbs, supplements when needed, lifestyle changes and flower essences. For more specifics, visit her website.

Contact info: 530-615-6606

Consultation status: accepting new clients

Catie Pazandak Winters is a clinical herbalist and nutritionist, having graduated with honors from a two year clinical program at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, Colorado in 2010 where she studied with Paul Bergner, among several other wonderful teachers.

Originally from the Green Mountains of Vermont, Catie has lived in many sweet communities, from coast to coast. Her graduate studies and prior life work in food and garden-based sustainability education brought her to beautiful places around the world such as Central America and India, where she lived, worked and learned for eight to twelve months at a time. What she could not pull herself away from was the intense desire to know and be with the plants, especially the medicinal plants, everywhere she lived. The deeper calling to plant medicine and holistic nutrition began to surface more and more in her work with youth through environmental, food based education. A ‘chance’ meeting among friends led her to Paul Bergner (healer, herbalist, nutritionist and founder of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism). She has been joyfully traveling the road of medicinal herbalism ever since.

Her own healing path and journey with multiple food allergies has helped to shape her areas of greatest interest and focus. They include skin issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, digestive system wellness, food allergy identification and the healing that follows, insulin resistance (diabetes I & II, hypoglycemia), seasonal allergies (all year-round for many folks these days), nervous system support, among many acute conditions and illnesses. While quality, whole, nutrient dense foods and herbs are ideal for regaining health and increased vitality, so many people in today’s world are deficient in many vitamins, minerals and quality macro-nutrients. Catie incorporates the use of high quality supplements when needed, along with custom herbal formulas (in tea, tincture or honey blends). Flower essences and herbs used for their energetic qualities are highly esteemed for the emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole system healing journey.

Since 2011, she has been growing her medicinal Herbal Honey Elixirs and loves helping people with these delicious, healing medicines. Her products can be found at HAALo, Yuba Harvest in Oregon House, CA, High Sierra Beef in Oregon House, CA, Golden Bridge Yoga Studio in Santa Monica, CA, Natural Selection in Grass Valley, CA and coming soon to California Organics in Nevada City, CA, and of course online at

Catie lives with her husband and son in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada, alongside the Yuba River in Northern California, just outside of Nevada City. She can be found working at HAALo once a week, offering free health and herbal advice to the community and visitors passing through.