Juju Urcis

Julia “Juju” Urcis

Integrative Herbalist, specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Asian Bodywork

Business: Artemesia Botanical Company
Contact: 714-403-0862, or [email protected] (either one is fine for contact for clients)

Available products: Herbal Salves

Consultation status: accepting new clients, call for appointment, herb counter consults
Accepting new clients for herbal consults. Over the counter for acute symptoms, appointments for chronic conditions.

Juju is participating with the 50% off first visit for new patients with HAALo Angelica and Lotus annual memberships.

JuJu came to Nevada City via HAALo in the fall of 2013. She officially entered her path as a healing artist 10 years ago at the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California shortly after graduating from UC Davis with a bachelors in Nature and Culture. She lived  in Sonoma County from 2005–2007 while attending acupuncture school in San Francisco. She regularly volunteered at the School for Herbal Studies in Forestville and the Sonoma County Herb Exchange, sourcing herbs locally and coordinating the supply and demand for communities engaged in herbal enterprises.

She attended American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and studied acupuncture and herbology for two years, where she was also employed through a work-study program with the college's herbal garden. In 2007, JuJu farmed with Peggy Schafer, a reputable farmer who supplies numerous herbalists with high-quality herbs from her Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm in Petaluma.

JuJu loves the physical connection she shares with plants, especially her herbal allies.  She knows that studying herbs in their processed form alone reveals only a fraction of the information that one receives from working with the herbs during their life cycle in the ground.  She loves to forage for plants and fungi in the mountains and learn how to integrate the use of native herbs. She is grateful to all her teachers for sharing their knowledge and inspiring her to continue the legacy of plant medicine.

At HAALo JuJu is actively seeking to connect farmers with the demand for herbs at the store and for medicine makers in the community. She is committed to weaving together all parts of the herbal network, from seed to formula, and in creating sustainable futures for both farmers and herbalists.

If JuJu were a tree, she would be an edible fig or a madrone.

If JuJu were an animal, she would be an Asian elephant or a red-shouldered hawk.