Kristen Timchak

Kristen Timchak

Integrative Herbalist, Ayurvedic Therapist

Business: Blossoming Heart Ayurveda and Botanicals
Contact: 413-822-0947, [email protected]

Available products: Tulsi-based herbal elixirs

Consultation status: accepting new clients, call for appointment, herb counter consults

I see clients for Ayurvedic body treatments and am participating in the 50% off first visit for HAALo Angelica and Lotus Annual Members.

My love for herbs started when I was a child. Even though I grew up outside of New York City, my family was very connected to the natural world. I was always picking plants and making “magical potions” with them. One summer my father gave me my own portion of the garden to grow whatever I wanted, and I chose to grow herbs (mostly culinary at that point). I have an early memory of going on an edible plant walk with my parents at the Audubon Center, and eating violets from the yard for the rest of the summer.

When I was in college I became more interested in my health and began to experiment with diet and herbs and to practice yoga. Years later, this eventually led me to spending a lot of time at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health were I started my formal Ayurvedic Education in 2006. Throughout my education at Kripalu, I studied with many of the leading teachers in the field, including John Douillard, Claudia Welch, Vasant Lad, Robert Svoboda and David Frawley.

I did my first formal herb training at Goldthread Herb Farm in Conway, Massachusetts. I was a part of an 8 month Farm to Pharmacy internship with William Siff. We worked on the farm each week; growing and processing the herbs and then making medicine for an herbal farm share. We also had classes each week exploring the herbal world through the lenses of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Western herbalism. Herbalism is a lifelong study, and I am currently taking an online herb course with Aviva Romm focusing on women's health.

I have been working at a small Ayurvedic Retreat, called Lakshmi's Garden, in Western Massachusetts, since 2009 (I travel there twice a year to work). Mainly I assist Panchakarma; cooking, making herbal preparations and assisting treatments. I have done some formal training in Ayurvedic Treatments at Kripalu, but most of my training has been in a one on one, apprentice style format with the owners of Lakshmi's Garden. These treatments involve lots of warm oil, which soothes and nourishes vata, the air and space elements.

Right now, on my path, I am really in love with the nervous system. The Ayurvedic treatments that I offer serve to ground this delicate system that gets so taxed in our modern society. I believe that through managing stress and nourishing the nervous system, many illnesses can be prevented. I also believe that healing is a practice and a way to live our lives. What our bodies need to be balanced can change from moment to moment, so learning to listen to our bodies and be in tune with nature's rhythms is very important.

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