Rexanne Diehl

Siddha Vaidya and Ayurvedic practitioner, Western herbalist

Business: Aroma Herbals aromatic herbal consultations, organic body care products
Contact: [email protected] 530-802-4128

Aroma Herbals is a place where you'll find organic, custom-made aromatic-infused oils for external use on the body that perfectly suit your need and/or imbalance. Our products provide you with a blend of herbal and essential oils grounded in the wisdom and tradition of Ayurveda.

Our body-care line is made from organic herbs and infused- and essential-oils in a variety of organic base oils, including coconut, sesame, rose hip seed, olive, argan, and raspberry. This line addresses many common imbalances that show up in our lives from time to time. These are gentle remedies that offer support to regain balance in both body and mind.

Business: Siddha Health

Siddha and Ayurvedic consultations and treatments

Contact: [email protected]; 530-802-4128

Siddha Health is a place to come for Ayurvedic consultations and Siddha Vaidya bodywork.

Consultation status: accepting new clients, herb counter consultations

Rexanne began her work in the holistic field at the age of 27, motivated by her need to address her own health in a more gentle, practical way. She started with the study of yoga, which lead to meditation. That quickly opened up her interest in Ayurveda, and she began a 750-hour program in Northern California that included a supervised internship.

Upon graduation, she interned with practitioner David Crow in Los Angeles. From there she co-founded and launched Floracopeia, an essential oil/aromatherapy supply company (, working closely with David to educate the public about aromatherapy through the medium of essential oils and the lenses of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and the five elements.

The next step in her path was moving to India to attend a Siddha Vaidya clinic. There, she received treatments and began a hands-on traditional internship with the 9th Generation Siddha Vaidya doctor, Reghu Harichandran. This included daily lessons from the palm leaves of the Siddha Vaidya tradition, learning traditional body therapies, and making traditional medicines over live fire. She also worked in the Siddha Vaidya Longevity Clinic administering treatments and making medicines for patients.

Currently, Rexanne has an active practice in Nevada City, California and is the creator and founder of Aroma Herbals. She's worked in the holistic healthcare arena for more than 15 years as an Ayurvedic and Siddha Vaidya practitioner, specializing in Aromatherapy and Kaya Regeneration Therapy. Rexanne’s training in India forms the core of her work with clients, which is enhanced by the Ayurvedic training she received from such lauded teachers as Dr. Sarita Shrestha and Dr. Vasant Lad. She draws from a wealth of knowledge and experience in both Western and Eastern healing traditions, synthesizing all aspects of her training to offer clients a uniquely integrated healthcare approach perfectly suited to today’s high-stress culture.

At her core, Rexanne believes that living with attention to one's own circadian rhythms and in harmony with the planet's rhythms is the best way to regain balance in one’s life. Healing starts with lifestyle, diet, proper herbs, treatments, and rest.

Using the five-element theory as a lens for understanding a body’s ailments and drawing on the wisdom of plants and the strong lineage of her teachers, Rexanne works with clients on a variety of levels. She combines powerful bodywork techniques, blended essential oils, and herbal preparations with everyday lifestyle suggestions to help you achieve optimal wellness and vitality.

300-hour Yoga Certification, Montclair, NJ
750-hour Ayurvedic program, Grass Valley, CA
70-hour Dr. Lad Ayurvedic Marma Training, Albuquerque, NM
40-hour Pancha Karma Training, Grass Valley, CA
50-hour Siddha Vaidya Spa Training, Ukiah, CA
150 hours ISBP School of Massage, Los Angeles, CA
3-year essential oil and herbal internship with David Crow at Floracopeia, Los Angeles and Nevada City, CA
1-year internship at the Siddha Vaidya Longevity Clinic, Trivandrum, India
60-day Eight Limb Yoga training with Swami Sivalingham Saraswati Yogacharya, Kathmandu, Nepal
260 hours Northern Style Thai Massage Training, Grass Valley, CA
Kathi Keville Western Herbalism & Aromatherapy course, Grass Valley, CA
7 years private clinical practice in Colorado, Berkeley & Nevada City, CA


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