Shauna McKenna

Certified Nutrition Educator

Contact: 650.346.4671, [email protected]

Consultation status: No longer accepting new clients but very happy to assist you tap into or create your own relationship with culinary and medicinal herbs and spices when you visit us at HAALo.

Shauna graduated in May 2010 from Bauman College, located in Santa Cruz California, as a Nutrition Educator and has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has a passion for eating for health and herbal medicine to improve the quality of life for young families, athletes and seniors.

Shauna was self-employed for 6 years and was the herb and supplement specialist in the Nutrition and Body Care department of a community health food store for over 8 years. She is an advocate for helping you connect herbs and food with health. In her business, she saw clients one-on-one with a focus of helping them change their eating habits through small steps that were manageable, so they could enjoy a higher quality of life, less illness, and more energy. Whether their goal was to lose weight, improve digestion, balance blood sugar, or just improve their overall health, changing a few key foods and adding targeted herbs & supplements helped them achieve that goal. Allowing them to find their own optimum health was her primary goal. She worked with people rather than telling them what to do. Shauna has provided in-depth education, presentations, materials and tools on many topics including digestive physiology, nutrition analysis, macronutrients, and micronutrients. With the information and handouts that they received from her lectures or sessions, they felt like they really understood what was being discussed and benefited from the healing powers of recipes, remedies and dietary direction changes. Shauna is looking forward to working with you on your journey toward health.

Shauna is also extremely interested in improving community and farmer relationships and has volunteered for many years at non-profits supporting low income, underserved, migrant farming communities, providing education and cooking classes about diabetes, healthy eating habits and alternatives to sugar and low carbohydrate meal planning.

She is also an environmentalist who has volunteered for the San Gregorio Environmental Resource Center (SGERC) for many years, where she monitored the health of the local watershed. She has also volunteered for coastal cleanup day and participated in efforts to help the homeless.   She is currently organizing and participating in local community events and fundraisers here with the South Yuba River Citizens League and with Sierra Harvest.