Shea Smith

Shea Smith

Director of HAALo

Contact: [email protected], 916.761.2684
Available products: HAALo Limited Edition Sacred Gardens parfum

Consultation status: herb counter consults only

Shea Smith began her study of Earth Medicines first through the Native American Teachers in her homeland of New Mexico. She spent two summers listening to Zuni stories then began learning from the Isleta teachings. These early animal medicine teachers eventually introduced her to the world of Plant Medicine and her true love affair with all energies botanical began.

It was not with the intention of becoming an herbalist that Shea sought teachers and experiences with the plant kingdom, but eventually, after three decades of a very exciting “hobby,” it became apparent that she had amassed quite a bit of knowledge.

From the incredible array of teachers who shared their wisdom, Shea in turn shared their stories with others, sometimes adding her own experiences. She found that her unique way of perceiving life, nature, spirit and especially the gifts from plants and animals, was received by others, and in fact, many times connected them to their own higher knowledge to heal themselves.

After a very long flu that did not seem to go away, and many months questioning the meaning of life and why she should continue to live, she finally realized that the only truly happy times in her life that felt fulfilling were when she immersed herself in the care, upbringing and journeying with others — truly, she found great pleasure in helping those in need.

In the negative, she realized she could lose herself in service to others and participate in co-dependency. But in the positive, she could create win-win situations that both parties could maneuver in, grow and excel. She chose to commit to win-win mentality and spiritual practice.

As she stepped into the shifts occurring in her life, the mystery of her existence began to make sense. Though she never thought her life would include sustainable herbalism — that is exactly what the Universe had in mind.

With a seemingly endless supply of support and constant manifestation of each needed tool, skillset, professional person, etc. showing up, Shea finally surrendered her vision of what she thought her life would be and stepped fully into the “Now.”

She has been there ever since, and HAALo is the complete physical reality of that choice.

So, that’s the heart felt bio, and the professional bio along this journey includes studies at the:
University of New Mexico
University of New Mexico EMT Program
International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Santa Fe, NM

and with:
Judy Borich
Dr. Chang
David Crow
Kathi Keville
William Siff
Pam Montgomery
and most recently with Matthew Wood